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  • Buyer’s Black Box

    5th Jul 2019 by

    Whether you’re a marketer, a marketing student, or simply a consumer interested in what affects your buying behaviour and purchasing patterns then, this blog is for you. Buyer’s Black Box is for anyone who is interested in marketing and in understanding the consumers’ behaviour. There are a lot of drivers out there contributing in shaping… Read more

  • The Last of Product Placement

    22nd Oct 2019 by

    When it comes to product placement as mentioned in the previous post, we can’t merely limit it to movies and reality shows. It happens to be present in a lot of places. Recently, video games have become a tool for brands to increase their visibility and exposure. But, could this underused industry be the new… Read more

  • Product, Places, ACTION!!

    13th Oct 2019 by

    Product Placement or “Embedded Marketing” happens to be a modern type of marketing strategy where brands get to reach their target audience. There are a lot of companies who pay movie or TV program makers to have their products displayed on the show for a certain period of time. It has become very common across… Read more

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